Freescale and IDT to present on Data Center opportunities for RapidIO at Linley Tech – Data Center Conference in February

Both Freescale and IDT will be presenting on the role of RapidIO in data center applications at the upcoming Linley Tech Data Center Conference.  Freescale’s presentation is titled “RapidIO Feature Benefits for Data Center Switching Fabrics”.  It will discuss the use of the RapidIO data streaming capability to support tens of thousands of independent virtualized communications channels between multicore processors with integrated RapidIO fabric connectivity.

IDT’s presentation is titled “Building Better Data Centers with RapidIO Fabric and ARM Processors”.  This presentation will showcase the emerging opportunities of multicore ARM processors in data center applications and how existing RapidIO technology can be leveraged to create very powerful highly connected fabrics of processors.

The RapidIO Trade Association is an Industry Sponsor of the event and will also be on hand at the event to answer questions about the usage of RapidIO in data center applications.

The Linley Tech Data Center Conference is a two-day, single track event focused on the processors, components, and interconnects for data-center networking and servers.

“The explosion of cloud computing requires structure around how data centers are implemented, and is leading to the development of new standards and technologies at a faster rate than ever before,” said Jag Bolaria, senior analyst with The Linley Group. “By providing insights into these rapid changes and enabling attendees to interact with technology leaders, our conference provides gives attendees the information needed to make educated decisions on the design of systems for next-generation data centers.”

The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, California on February 5th and 6thRegister to attend the event here.