Praesum offers new RapidIO IP and System-level products for 2013

 As one of the earliest adopters of RapidIO, Praesum has been committed to creating smart switching technologies in the form of Intellectual Property (IP) cores, boards, and system level products for more than a decade. For 2013 Praesum is introducing three new RapidIO product offerings.

Praesum’s latest endpoint core provides full support for the AMBA AXI4 SOC interconnect. This includes AXI4 connectivity for both RapidIO target and initiator logical layer functions, and an AXI4-Lite management interface. Advanced features include support for Praesum’s AXI Messaging Extensions, plus direct AXI access to transceiver reconfiguration capabilities and integrated RapidIO protocol capture. An evaluation design that demonstrates interoperability with an ARM Cortex™-A9 core using the Xilinx ZC706 board is available to qualified customers.

On the switching front, Praesum has updated its SwitchKit based RapidIO switching IP to RapidIO 2.2. New features include integrated AXI4 bridging for integrated virtual endpoint functions, and optional JESD204B bridges for direct connection of high speed data converters.

At the system level, Praesum is now providing early customer access to its Raptor switching development platform. The Raptor is a system level development platform that enables the rapid development of switching systems utilizing Praesum SwitchKit IP. Based on a leading edge Virtex®-7 FPGA, it supports the customization of switch­ing algorithms and integration of specialized packet processing IP within the SwitchKit framework. Targeted at leading-edge wireline, wireless infrastructure, and Mil-Aero applications, the Raptor platform ac­celerates platform development by allowing wire-speed evaluation of algorithms in a live network. Customers can deploy their custom switching designs on a range of programmable platforms. In addition, a seamless flow to structured ASICs is also available for high volume applications.

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