Prodrive offers digital medical system solutions with RapidIO and ATCA

Prodrive, a leading product development firm based in the Netherlands, is combining RapidIO and the ATCA form factor to create powerful system solutions. Having found success in the industrial, semiconductor processing and defense equipment markets, Prodrive is now extending its technical expertise, product portfolio and capabilities to the digital medical equipment market.

The digital medical market is highly competitive, where right priced innovation must be accompanied by a high level of quality, reliability, serviceability and diagnostics.  Products in this market must also be designed to endure long life-cycles. Prodrive has a proven portfolio and roadmap of COTS (RapidIO and ATCA) solutions, taking care of the innovation and price competitiveness.

In terms of manufacturing capability, Prodrive already has a proven track record in the digital medical market. Prodrive is ISO-13485 certified and is accustomed to developing products according to IEC-60601 standard (including extensive MTBF and MTBI calculations and measurements). Product development is supported by the needed in-house qualification equipment such as climate chambers, shock and vibration equipment and an anechoic room. This makes it possible for Prodrive to offer world-class conditions such as full life-cycle management, warranty up to 7 years and 10+ years of delivery guarantee.

RapidIO’s strengths address the needs of digital medical applications perfectly. Having superior latency and throughput makes RapidIO a powerful interconnect for multi-endpoint image processing systems, such as CAT scanners and MRI systems. Beyond performance, RapidIO’s other strengths are imperative for the digital medical market.  These strengths include deterministic packet delivery, reliability, diagnostics and system topology flexibility for serviceability. Also, since RapidIO is terminated in hardware, it is more independent of software, thus protecting a customer’s software investment.

While ATCA originates from telecom it has outstanding features that make it a great choice as a chassis standard for markets where the product has a need for RAS: Reliability, Availability and Serviceability; these are typical requirements for digital medical applications. ATCA’s system monitoring and management-features combined with RapidIO and Prodrive’s software capabilities expands the list of values for digital medical equipment even more.

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