RapidIO Network Management Tools Capabilities Continue to Grow

Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation (http://www.fetcorp.com) is the leading provider of RapidIO software, network management and diagnostic tools.  The company delivers innovative solutions that shorten product development and testing cycles, and reduce technology risks and time-to-market.

New VPX Adapter Board

Last fall, Fabric Embedded Tools introduced a new adapter board that allows the RapidFET Probe to conveniently connect to VPX (VITA 46) backplanes.  While other adapters such as AMC, XMX, QSFP, etc, have been available for some time, this VPX adapter fulfills the growing need for RapidIO use within VPX systems.


The adapter allows any of the four 4x channels on the Pn connector to be accessed via one of four CX4 connectors on the front panel.  Used as a stand-alone test card, or in use with RapidFET Probe, this new adapter board makes access to any 4x port from P1 through to P6 extremely straight forward.


New RapidIO Management Software Features

In the upcoming release of RapidFET Professional this quarter, new features associated with supporting larger RapidIO networks will be available.  Where in the past, it may have been difficult to associate processors and switches with specific cards, now with RapidFET Professional hierarchical network maps, processing elements within a network, can be grouped into logical functional blocks or even specific line cards.


So instead of having to mentally picture which line card a particular device is on, you can group processing elements into more logical blocks and work on one card at a time.  You can double click onto a card grouping to see just those processing elements or can revert back to a flat map at any time.  This is an invaluable capability when working with some of the larger more complex systems seen today.


With all of the capabilities that have been added over the years, and new capabilities planned, Fabric Embedded Tools will be launching an online video tutorial that will allow users to see each feature in use.  These technical tutorials will serve as quick refresher training for existing customers, and aid new customers in better understanding how RapidFET tools can best be used to achieve their prototyping, development, production line and/or field support testing needs.

See www.fetcorp.com for more details.