Data Center Compute and Networking Task Group Releases Phase I Reference Design

  • The DCCN task group of the RapidIO Trade Association announced the release of the Phase 1 specification at last month’s Open Server Summit in Santa Clara, CA. The final specification describes a functionality optimized CPU agnostic compute/motherboard fitted in a 19” 1U enclosure, with OCP compatible 21” form-factor option. Thanks to adding multiple SFP and QSFP cages, users may choose between electrical or optical interface for connections to the outside world. The system also has local SSD storage capabilities, for the most flexible system configurations where storage is necessary.

The specification incorporates 10GbE next to RapidIO which will be exposed to an SFP cage. It enables RapidIO to gracefully work with existing datacenter 10GbE infrastructure (top of rack / spine switch) without any additional needs.

Thanks to the close collaboration between the DCCN members the task group was able to deliver a frozen specification and the start of Phase 1 development in less than six months. This is a great achievement and is promising for future developments.

If you are interested to learn more about DCCN activities, please contact the chair via