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Sarokal Test Systems Oy is the developer of a revolutionary X-STEP™ Test System. The X-STEP™ can be used in system testing from ASIC/FPGA verification all the way to field testing and production. The X-STEP™ Test System can be utilized in a variety of high-tech fields, ranging from cellular base stations to automotive industry and nearly anything in between. X-Step can support any optical-based protocols supported by still evolving 4G/5G backhaul/fronthaul time-sensitive networks (TSN) essential to telecommunications and network infrastructure.
Communications Infrastructure
Development Tools, Test & Measurement
While the foundation of SEAKR's business was with high-performance memory systems, the company's accomplishments also include having the world’s highest-performance Single Board Computer presently operating in space, and the world’s most powerful array of FPGA-based reconfigurable processors presently in-orbit. We also have perhaps the industry’s best electronics manufacturing facility, as demonstrated by our 100% flight success.
Scientific Research Institute of System Analysis (SRISA) is a structural unit of Russian Academy of Sciences. The main goal of the Institute is to perform fundamental and applied research and development in nanotechnology, information technology, computing, physics and computer science.

A number of ASICs with RapidIO LP-LVDS and 1x/4x LP-SERIAL interfaces has been released that include CPUs, switch and bridge devices. Based on these ASICs high-performance computing systems were built for industrial applications.

The latest RapidIO specification is always used for products under development.
Communications Infrastructure, Industrial Automation
Boards & Modules, Embedded Systems, Semiconductors, Software
A3Cube, Inc
A3Cube brings to market the fastest solutions for bid data, analytics and virtualization; reducing power consumption while extolling the maximum performance from the hardware

A3Cube has solved the latency problem associated with software only solutions to scale out converged computing.

The latency of A3Cube solutions is 280ns -software included- in a 2 node appliance and 750ns in larger multi node system.

A3Cube does this through proprietary software and hardware that work seamlessly with standard servers/storage to approach supercomputer-like performance at a fraction of the cost.

The A3Cube solutions are extremely simple and easy to install, are massively and linearly scalable and work seamlessly with no software modification.

A3Cube transforms your time, your data and your infrastructure in value.
Data Center & HPC, Communications Infrastructure, Industrial Automation, Military & Aerospace
Boards & Modules, Embedded Systems, Software
Air Force Research Lab
The Air Force Research Laboratory is a global technical enterprise, boasting some of the best and brightest leaders in the world. They defend America by unleashing the unconquerable power of scientific and technical innovation. Our mission is leading the discovery, development, and integration of affordable warfighting technologies for our air, space, and cyberspace force.
Military & Aerospace
ASML is the world's leading provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry, manufacturing complex machines that are critical to the production of integrated circuits or chips. Headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, ASML is traded on Euronext Amsterdam and NASDAQ under the symbol ASML.
Fabric Embedded Tools
Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation was established to address this need for a new kind of tool for the embedded developer. Our RapidIO tools are innovative, and utilize a highly interactive graphical user interface to help you quickly see system faults, configure devices, or monitor performance while providing all of the low level control needed manipulate register bits if needed. Our goal is to help software and hardware developers spend less of their time looking for problems, so they can focus on solving them.
1 (613) 271-9636
1 (613) 248-5089
IART – University of Oklahoma
Intelligent Aerospace Radar Team (IART) is a research and educational group from University of Oklahoma as a part of the OU’s Advanced Radar Research Center (ARRC). Working closely with Industry, IART/ARRC focuses on innovative system solutions and advanced processing algorithms for multi-functional radars, especially radar technologies used in comprehensive radar sense and avoid for UAS operations.
Data Center & HPC
Intellectual Property, Services
Prof Yan (Rockee) Zhang
IIT Madras
Indian Institute of Technology Madras is one of the premier institutes of India in the fields of higher technological education, basic and applied research.

The Computer Architecture and Systems group of the CSE department is one of the leading research groups in High performance Computing, Processor architecture and VLSI Engineering.
Data Center & HPC
Intellectual Property, Software
IT University of Copenhagen
IT University of Copenhagen contributes to the value creation in Denmark through research projects that create new academic insight and new ways of using IT. In particular, we explore the co-design of database system, operating system and flash devices. 
Data Center & HPC
Philippe Bonnet